By Hayley Pugh 

A stray cat with the world’s saddest face has finally found his purr-fect home….and his smile.

With his sorrowful eyes and perpetually worried face, five-year-old Nutmeg had clearly lived a difficult life as a stray cat before being taken in by Lollypop Farm in New York.

PIC FROM Caters News

The forlorn feline was emaciated and suffering from a serious infection when he found his way into the arms of rescuers.

The mournful moggy had a permanent sad look on his face and needed lots of TLC from staff who were only too happy to help – letting him stay in their office at first until he got used to the shelter.

Eventually after a long nine month wait, Nutmeg was adopted by a young couple who immediately fell in love with him and his unique crestfallen expression.


PIC FROM Caters News

And a recent picture of Nutmeg in his new home shows the ginger cat has finally managed to crack the tiniest of smiles for the camera.

A spokesperson at the rescue centre said: “When we first met Nutmeg, it seemed as though he might be the saddest cat in the world.

“He was very thin, and was suffering from a serious nasal infection.

“His ears were tattered, and his face bore the evidence of a difficult life.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Nutmeg spent some time in an administrative office because the shelter scared him. He then moved to a kitty condo in our Cat Adoption Centre, and then went to a foster home.

“He was adopted by a young couple who fell in love with him the moment they saw his face.

“Of course, everyone at the shelter who knew Nutmeg realized just what a sweet, special kitty he was – so seeing him relaxed, happy, and loved in his new home was really the greatest reward of all.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Now, Nutmeg is the happiest cat in the world. He’s even boasting the teeniest, tiniest smile.”