Animals Video

By Jos Weale

This is the adorable moment a plucky baby hedgehog who had her leg amputated after being attacked by her own MUM shows off her sheer determination as she tries to scratch an itch – using just her stump.

Six-week-old Egyptian hedgehog Hermione lost her leg three weeks ago when her own mum began bullying her but has not let her loss of a leg slow her down.


Cute footage shows the tiny creature balancing precariously to one side while giving it her all to soothe an itchy side with what remains of her leg.

Owner Megan John, 21, claims the video shows little Hermione’s will to carry on and claims the titchy fighter still manages to give her the run around – even if she occasionally needs help with a scratch.

Fashion and textiles graduate Megan, from Southampton, said: “It’s really adorable to watch.

“She just won’t stop. The day after her leg was amputated she was running all over the place, she was full of beans. It hasn’t stopped her at all.


“She’s really determined – she just gets on with it.

“She’ll still try to scratch an itch with her leg even though it isn’t there anymore.

“She does it quite a bit, it happens a couple of times a day usually – she hasn’t really realised it’s not there.

“If I’m there I’ll give her a bit of a scratch to help her.”

Hermione’s mum, Tzipora, and dad, Elias, could be the only breeding pair of rare Egyptian hedgehogs in the UK according to Megan, which means the little critter is even more precious.

And after hand-rearing her after mum Tzipora got a little too vicious, Megan, who breeds hedgehogs and currently has eight at her home, said the way the tiny trooper has come through has been ‘miraculous’.


Megan, who is now a trainee teacher, said: “When she was three days old, her mum was snuffling her quite violently and I saw her leg had got sore.

“I took her away from her mum to clean her up – Egyptian hedgehogs can be quite vicious.

“About three weeks in it looked so much worse, and the vet put her on antibiotics, but it wasn’t really getting any better so the vet had to amputate.

“They’re a rare breed, and I think Tzipora and Elias are the only breeding Egyptian hedgehog pair in the UK, so Hermione’s very special.


“Because of what’s happened I’ve had to hand rear her so that makes her special as well.”

And now that Hermione’s proven she’s fighting fit, Megan says she’s almost ready to go to her new home.

Megan said: “At about eight weeks old she can go to her new owner who is a Harry Potter fan.

“They’re a friend, so I’ll definitely still get to see her.”