By Laura Dale 

A cute baby bear seemed very happy getting a piggy-back from its mum.

Approaching a creek filled with salmon, the cub decided to try and get a better view by jumping on its mother’s back.

 Pic by David Swindler / Caters News 

However, noticing that the water was surrounded by male bears, the mum quickly stood up to check out the danger and then lead her cub away in the other direction.

The pictures were taken by David Swindler, who runs Action Photo Tours, near Mikfik Creek in Alaska’s McNeil River Wildlife Sanctuary.

David, from Kanab, Utah, said: “Only a small group of people are allowed to come to the park for a four or five day chunk of time.

“During that time you get to hike around and see the bears with one of the rangers.

 Pic by David Swindler / Caters News 

“Being one of the premiere bear viewing areas in the state, there is a lot of demand to come here and access is only granted via a competitive lottery

“We got lucky and won one of the lottery spots, and we saw this on the last day of our time in McNeil.”

According to David, a run of salmon had come up the creek the group was sitting by and they began to attract a lot of bears.

After about 30 minutes, most of them began to move on, clearing the way for a mum and her cub to scope out the spot.

David said: “They instantly became alarmed due to the presence of all the male bears in the creek.

“To get a better look, the cub jumped up on mum’s back.

“But then mom also wanted to stand up, so she shook the cub off and they both stood up to get a better look.

“They didn’t like what they saw and both took off running the opposite direction.

“This was totally a luck shot – being in the right place at the right time.”