Offbeat Video

By David Keane

A dad has revealed the moment he was choked UNCONSCIOUS by his eight-year-old daughter while playing on a rope swing as she clung to his neck until he passed out – sending both plummeting into the water.

Chris Squires, 28, was enjoying a family walk around Knypersley Reservoir in Biddulph, Staffs, on Thursday [JUNE 8] when he spotted a rope swing on the other side of the water.

Little Isabella was eager to have a go but fearing that it was a bit too far off the ground for her, Chris volunteered to swing on it so that she could hang off him, believing it would be safer for her.

Hilarious footage shows the moment the dad’s cautious idea backfired when he begins to struggle to breath due to Isabella’s arms clasped round his neck, dragging his head back.

Oblivious to the danger, Isabella hangs on to enjoy the ride and the clip shows Chris pass out – sending the pair both plummeting into the water.

Chris, from Biddulph, said: “We had just gone for a walk around the reservoir when we spotted the rope swing over on the other side of the water. Straight away we thought we’d walk round and have a go.

“I had a go first and then my wife Charlotte had a go, and she actually ended up in the water as she let go of the rope.

“Then Isabella wanted a go but I was concerned that it was quite high up so I said I would help by doing it with her.

“Almost straight away I realised the way she had clasped her hands together round my neck meant I couldn’t breathe.

“You can actually hear me try to say ‘let go, let go’ but I couldn’t speak properly and there was no chance she was letting go at all.

“My neck was being dragged back so hard that I couldn’t breathe. I think I passed out for a split second as she got my neck in a position like a chokehold.

“I think I blacked out and hit the floor with force, which must have jolted me awake as when I landed in the water I didn’t know what was going on.

“I just remember waking up and I was in the water – I was really confused as I didn’t know what had happened.”

Thankfully neither Chris or Isabella were injured in the fall and were able to see the funny side afterwards.

Footage shows Chris’s head loll backwards on the third time round at the moment he falls unconscious, though he is rudely awoken as he hits the water.

Chris said: “Thankfully no one was injured and it just turned into a funny video. I’ve taken a bit of stick from my wife – you can hear her laughing at me at the end of the video already.

“We must have watched the video 50 times over and keep laughing at it. My mum wasn’t very impressed by it but my friends love it.

“There were no injuries, only my pride, and we were both very wet. We both had to walk back home all the way soaking wet. People who we walked past kept looking at us and wondering what on earth had gone on.”