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By Bilal Kuchay

Three pythons of separate species – Rock, Burmese and Reticulated – have given birth to 56 snakelings by the process of artificial incubation in an Indian zoo.

Jaw dropping visuals show scores of snakelings lying over one another in a wooden box in Alipore Zoo in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Officials say that usually the number of eggs laid by pythons in one go is between 10 to 15 but this marks a bumper breeding for Alipore Zoo officials to boast about it.


“In April earlier this year, we collected 71 eggs laid by the three pythons and kept them under artificial incubation, maintaining temperature between 30 to 33 degrees Celsius and humidity 75C.

“After 75 days, 56 out of 71 eggs collected were hatched,” said Director of the Alipore Zoo, Ashish Kumar Samanta.

Reticulated python, the longest snake species in the world and heaviest among the three, had laid 28 eggs, of which 20 were hatched.

The Rock python had laid two eggs, both hatched and the Burmese python laid 41 eggs of which 34 were hatched.


“For the first time eggs of rock python were hatched in our zoo.

“It is a huge achievement for us,” said Samanta.

Samanta said they have been continuously monitoring the hatching process for 75 days till it was over.


“After eggs were laid, heat could have played a spoilsport. But we carefully sealed the eggs and monitored the temperature conditions for 75 days.

“It was the use of technology and precision that has created history with the longest snake laying the highest number of eggs in Kolkata. We are very happy and proud of the results we have got,” he added.