By Charles Wade-Palmer

A bar hoping to become a hot destination for engagements this Valentine’s day, is selling a drink for £1,020.

It is not the ingredients in the cocktail that punters are coughing up for but a bespoke engagement ring that comes with it.

PIC BY Darren Cool/ Caters News 

PIC BY Darren Casey/ Caters News

The bizarre bundle is being offered by Tapasya@Marina which has partnered with Oresome Jewellery for the unique launch on Valentine’s Day.

As for the pink drink itself, called The Marina Kiss Martini it consists of sweet strawberry liqueur mixed with added fizz, gin and mint.

PIC BY Darren Casey/ Caters News 

Personal designs of the ring could stretch customers looking to make a splash without spilling their drink- even further than the thousand pounds starting price.