Video Viral
micro pig

By David Aspinall

This is the adorable moment a micro pig’s tail begins wagging in time with the music, even stopping when the beat ends.

Petite porker William couldn’t control the muscles in his rear end when Maggie Lindeman’s song Pretty Girl started playing.

Curled up next to owner Daniel O’Brien at home in Clearlake, California, USA, the eight-week-old Juliana pig’s tail even stops in time with the tune.

Even while drifting off to sleep, wee William clearly wanted to put his dancing shoes on and boogie down.

Daniel said: “I’d never seen William’s tail dance like this to music before and thought it was adorable.

“I’ve tried testing what other music makes it happen and its only with pop or electronic songs and mainly female voices that it works.

“He loves to run around and play and bark so it pretty within his personality.

“As long as the music was playing, he would wag his tail until he fell asleep.”