Video Viral

Hilarious footage from New Jersey, United States, has captured twins escaping from their individual cribs to engage in midnight shenanigans.

Chelsea Alders, a postpartum doula and placenta specialist, captured the footage on her baby-cam.


The identical twin boys, Greyson and Judah , turned two on the April 3 and are a handful to say the least.

“When I tell you it is always something with these two it seriously is,” says Chelsea.

“Greyson is strong willed – he is a bit more calculated and very funny when he wants to be.

Judah is fiercely independent- if my other two go right, he goes left.”

Despite their unique personalities Chelsea describes the twins as loving and very attached to each other, although Judah would clearly prefer having his own space in his crib.


A compilation of videos, which prompted an ‘are you freaking kidding me’ reaction from Chelsea, has captured her twins midnight activities.

“Every time I think I have child proofed or we are settling in to a new normal, they start trying something new like this.”

In the first part of the video Greyson can be seen jumping into Judah’s crib to get help with taking off his pajamas.

“We had just started putting them in backwards pajamas because they were stripping down completely naked seconds after we put them in their cribs.

I believe that was the motivation for Greyson to jump into Judah’s crib for the first time- he wanted help with his pjs.”

The second part of the video shows the twins working together to escape from the cribs all together.

“This was the very next day; they realized they could get out altogether and not just into each other’s cribs.

You have to love Judah’s extra little push to get Greyson out of the crib.”

Despite the twins new found path to freedom Chelsea hasn’t had to give up and invest in a more foolproof sleeping solution.


“Turns out it scared them enough that they only jumped out a few times before deciding it was too risky.”

The final part of the video shows Greyson, who started in his own crib, climbing over to torment his twin.

“They always start off in separate cribs, but they now always sleep sharing a bed and often a pillow.

We had put Judah down for his nap early and he had already been asleep for about 30 minutes.

I was hoping that Judah was a deep enough sleeper to get through his brothers noise, but I didn’t think Greyson would actually try to torture him.”

In a desperate attempt to wake up his brother for a midnight play session Greyson can be seen sitting on Judah’s head and then on his back.

“Judah gets so annoyed but he never actually woke up!

They eventually fell asleep with Greyson’s head resting on Judah’s back.”

Despite the mischief Chelsea is happy that the twins find comfort in each other.

“We had actually always hoped they would finally turn to each other for comfort, while they still are always jumping back and forth they do eventually cuddle together to sleep most nights.”

Chelsea and her husband Jason also have an 18-month-old girl, Summer Alders.