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final day

By Ben Walley

A family have released an emotional video which captures the final day of a hero german shepherd.

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Charlie, who was put down on 12 April due to a brain tumour, was taken in by the Navid family when she was a puppy.

She spent every day with Penny Navid, 49, from Denton, Texas, while Penny was suffering from breast cancer.

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The pooch sat by Penny throughout her illness, and even licked her bald head to comfort her as she went through chemotherapy.

The mum-of-two has since recovered, and her daughter, Presley Wenzel, 20, has released a tribute to the dog.

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Presley said: “I just wanted Charlie to be happy and I have never seen her smile as much as she did on her final day.

“The last few months of her life were stressful but she did at least have her perfect ending.

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“It was rewarding for me to actually see her smile.”

She added: “We always joked about Charlie being the perfect police dog and by chance, we came across a policeman on her final day.

“He kept saying how pretty Charlie was and I asked him for a picture.

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“We have kept the photo and the policeman will never understand how much that photo means to us, we can’t thank him enough.”