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gender reveal fail

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment a gender reveal goes wrong when a piñata fails to burst SEVEN TIMES even with the aid of a machete.

With their whole family excitedly gathered at home, Britnae Brown, 25, and husband Ethan, 27, have a Styrofoam ball filled with unknown confetti ready to pop.


Despite Ethan’s increasingly aggressive throws at the ceiling, the stubborn capsule refuses to break even as it bounces around the couple’s living room.

After one guests quip of ‘Britnae, you better hope the baby comes out easier’ the expectant parents resort to using a machete to cut the surface and ecstatically reveal they are having a baby boy.

Britnae, from Syracuse, New York, USA, said: “We were so shocked it took a machete and some real elbow grease to pry open the Styrofoam.

“Ethan and I had wondered if it was going to be difficult, but neither of us expected the ball to put up that much of a fight.

“I’d made it myself, so we both knew we were having a boy, but once the ball finally opened I was so excited to see everyone cheering happily.”

The happy couple, who met in high school and have been married since May 2014, had been trying to get pregnant for 11 months.


As Britnae suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) it had made conceiving difficult but their son is due on December 18 and will be named Nathaniel Blake Brown.

Britnae said: “Both sets of grandparents live within one mile of us so we will all be close together.

“My parents already have two grandchildren, but they live in Oregon.

“Ethan’s parents are ecstatic as this is their first grandchild but we are all so excited.”

Britnae had the idea for their gender reveal as he walked through and arts and crafts store while on the phone to her sister.

She said: “She mentioned a piñata and I had passed Styrofoam hollow halves on the shelf and realised I could make a ball.

“I made the ball by taking two halves and stuffing it with the confetti before gluing it together and then painting it.

“I clearly just used too strong glue.”