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By Kristiana Hall 

Hang on in there kitty! This terrified moggy is trying her very best to make sure she doesn’t plummet from a 13th floor window – totally unaware of the fact there’s a glass panel between her and any danger.

Angel the Bengal cat has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram – who were left worried that the short video showed their feline friend coming close to losing one of her nine lives.

PIC FROM Angel Bengal / Caters News 

But her owner, Maria Gio, said that no one should panic as she is protected from falling by a piece of glass behind her.

The pretty feline, who is 10-months-old, found social media fame when her owner moved from Russia and took Angel with her to New York.

Maria started uploading pictures to the Instagram account in February this year and in just four months, gained 20,000 followers.

Maria said: “I created Angel’s Instagram just for fun. I didn’t want to keep lots of pictures on my phone and still wanted to have them somewhere to watch her growing and collect funny moments.”

 PIC FROM Angel Bengal / Caters News 

“The window is one of her favourite spots to hang out. At that moment I was working and wasn’t paying attention to her.

“I took my camera and she kept doing it even more actively because she loves posing in front of the camera.

 PIC FROM Angel Bengal / Caters News 

“Since that time she hangs out there every day.

PIC FROM Angel Bengal / Caters News

“Everyone knows that there’s a window glass behind Angel and she is safe.

“It was confusing when I posted the video, some people thought I would let her be unsafe doing tricks on the 13th floor.

PIC FROM Angel Bengal / Caters News

“Of course not.”