mother bear

By Becca Husselbee 

Carry me home mamma! A photographer captured the adorable moment a loving mother bear safely carries her two cubs to the other side of a road.

PIC FROM Prasad Natarajan / Caters News

Prasad Natarajan, a network engineer, from India, took the picture while at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, in Maharashtra.

The images capture the heart warming moment as the two tired cubs hitch a lift from their mother.

PIC FROM Prasad Natarajan / Caters News

Prasad, who got involved in photography back in 2014, said: “Within less than a minute all the action took place, my heart was thumping and I just went with the emotions and clicked as many images as possible.

PIC FROM Prasad Natarajan / Caters News 

“I felt really overwhelmed to be able to witness this in real life and to be able to capture this moment.

“I felt gifted.

“I always wanted to capture the moments in nature through images, got my first digital camera in 2014, ever since have been making image.”