Offbeat Video

By Sophie Norris

This little boy proved not all kids necessarily love McDonald’s when hilarious footage shows him declare he ‘hates them’ after discovering that hamburgers don’t contain a slice of ham.


The comical clip shows little Jack Vaughan tentatively trying a burger for the first time only to look at the meat patty in disgust and announce: “They put this on and no ham? I hate them.”

Outraged by the mix-up, the five-year-old, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, then refused to eat the burger and still tells everyone about the ‘scandal’ – and is now sticking to chicken nuggets.

Quick-thinking aunty Nicole Ginger, 23, decided to film Jack’s reaction after he boldly exclaimed ‘this isn’t a hamburger’ upon unwrapping it.

Nicole, a kitchen assistant, said: “I look after Jack two or three times a week after school because I work part time and his mum works full time.

“On this occasion, I had six kids in total so decided to take them all to McDonald’s after school as a treat.

“Jack is the same age as my daughter Lily – they’re both in reception class – so I picked them both up and we went through the drive-through.

“When we got home, he announced loudly ‘this isn’t a hamburger’ and the look on his face told me it was the perfect time to start filming.


“I hadn’t expected him to be that bad to be honest. He flat-out refused to eat it all together.

“He would only eat the French fries.

“My daughter just found it hilarious that he reacted like that to having no ham on the burger, but I’m not even sure if she understood that hamburgers weren’t meant to have ham on them either.

“Luckily, Lily said ‘you can share mine Jack’ so they shared her chicken nugget Happy Meal instead.

“When his mum came to pick him up after work, he went straight over to tell her about the burger not having ham on it. He still talks about it now.”

Confident Jack luckily gets on well with his cousin, who is six months younger than him, because after his refusal to eat the burger, Lily offered him half of her chicken nuggets.

Nicole said: “They’re both really close because they’ve always been together from babies. They both go to street dance class together and get on brilliantly, so I don’t think Lily minded sharing it.


“Now he won’t touch the burgers. Last time we visited McDonald’s he stuck to what he knows and got chicken nuggets.

“Jack’s got a strong personality and is really outgoing.

“He’s such a popular little boy and is always making people laugh, but he certainly wasn’t laughing then.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to disappoint Jack for the lack of ham in his hamburger.

“The only meat you’ll find in our hamburgers is 100% British and Irish beef, seasoned with a little salt and pepper. We hope he managed to enjoy his burger in the end.”