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tiny pony

By Michael Scott

Come on Cuddles! This adorable tot simply can’t get her tiny pony to gallop fast enough.

Speed demon Roxy Moore, three, was filmed by mum Lucie, 32, riding the family’s 30in high toyhorse, called Cuddles at a flat out gallop.

But the video went viral after she posted it on Fecebook thanks to Roxy’s determination to get the speedy pony to run even FASTER – shouting ‘Come on Cuddles!’ as he tares down the track.

Lucie, from Hove, East Sussex, said: “Roxy has always loved horses and we let her ride a pony on a lead rein for the first time about a year ago – but it’s only in the last couple of weeks we have let her control him herself.

Pic by Lucie Moore/Caters News

“She loves riding, it comes really naturally to her, even though Cuddles is quite a bouncy pony to ride!

“It’s hard to find a saddle and bridle to fit him so it’s only recently that Roxy has managed to ride him.”

Lucie, who runs a pony party business, taking the tiny ponies to children’s parties, to let kids groom them and plait their manes, added: “It’s so lovely all the messages I have had regarding the video.

“It really shows how much Roxy loves it and puts a smile on my face every time I watch it. I’m very surprised its been seen my so many people. “