Video Viral
trick shot

By David Aspinall

Maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers should give this basketball-loving six-year-old a call after she landed a trick shot on the first attempt after shouting ‘money’.

As LeBron James and the Cavs try and save their season against the Golden State Warriors, they could do worse than putting confident Lilly Gobin on the bench.

Practising hoops at home in Henderson, Kentucky, USA, self-assured Lilly turns to dad Bill and shouts ‘money’ before throwing the ball over the net in a seemingly anti-climax.

Suddenly the ball bounces off the roof behind and straight into the net with a swish leaving dad and daughter to cheer and have a high five.

Bill said: “Lilly adores basketball and this was her first ever trick shot.

“I couldn’t believe she made the shot as she had only started practising that day.

“Her confidence was fantastic and I just had to pick her up for a huge hug when she made it.”