toxic mould

By Sarah Francis

A furious family have claimed their apartment was ‘killing them’ after mum, dad, baby and even puppy suffer from black mould poisoning.

Shelby, 25, and Christopher Baker, 32, moved into their apartment with their six month daughter, October 2016.


A month after arriving, the family began to experience alarming symptoms such as fatigue, migraines, fevers and breathing problems.

Stella was taken to the emergency room twice and had eight visits with her doctor while Shelby was also admitted with bronchitis and pneumonia on separate occasions.

Even their adopted puppy went from being perfectly healthy to vomiting and diarrhoea when the brought her home in April.

But, it wasn’t until a neighbour warned them about the mould in her own unit that the source of their ailments were discovered.


Shocking photos show the horrific state of their air vent which is caked in toxic black spores.

Shelby, a stay at home mum, said: “I was terrified. Stella had a lot of junk in her chest, you could hear it. She was coughing and would choke on her own phlegm.

“The worst she experienced was a high fever and her lips turned blue and purple. Now we know it was likely an extreme reaction caused by the mould.

“We had taken her to the doctor so much, the doctor was questioning why she was getting sick all the time.

“It was such a helpless feeling, also terrifying, your mind’s going crazy, I was questioning what I was doing wrong as a parent.


“We’d not dealt with mould before so we didn’t know to suspect it.

“My husband kept saying, ‘I think the apartment is killing us'”

When a neighbour approached Shelby about her own mould, Shelby didn’t hesitate to investigate and found that their apartment was also infected.

Shelby said: “It was so disturbing.


“It was like being on a roller-coaster when your stomach just drops, I was angry, I was furious.

“I was sick to my stomach with so much anxiety.

“I got my daughter and my puppy out of the apartment and put them with my family.”


Shelby hired an inspector who reported high levels of mould in the bathroom and hallway which included toxic black mould.

She said: “The inspector told us it was completely uninhabitable, to get out immediately, leave out stuff and never come back.”

The couple were able to sign a lease on a new apartment June 1st and have been amazed to find their health quickly improved.

Shelby said: “My husband and I said yesterday that it was remarkable, we are energetic and healthy and my daughter is completely happier.”

The family are currently in talks with their lawyer.