Video Viral
baby laughing

By Sophie Norris

This adorable baby proves kids really do love the simplest things – as she is caught on camera erupting in laughter at watching her mum peel boiled eggs.


Mum Loren Hine, 30, had little Madeline sat on her hip as she prepared dinner when she discovered that every time she said ‘ouch’ while holding an egg the baby burst out laughing.

Footage shows the tiny 11-month-old mesmerised as she watches the eggs being peeled while delivering a huge belly laugh with glee every time her mother is burned.

Loren, from Manchester, said: “Madeline is such a happy baby – she’s always laughing.

“But me peeling the eggs really tickled her for some reason. Sometimes, she’ll just laugh at the weirdest things.

“I was checking the eggs and because they were so hot, she found it really funny when I said ‘ouch’.

“She’s such a giggly baby and did a big belly laugh whilst I was trying to peel them one-handedly. I’m like any typical mum – always doing things with just one hand.”

Loren, a primary school teacher, had originally made the video to show her fiancée Steve Rightside, but decided to put it online to show friends and family.


Madeline loves watching nursery rhymes on her mum’s iPad and clapping along to the music, according to her mum, but she claims egg peeling has topped it all in terms of keeping her entertained.

Loren said: “Originally, when she was laughing at me preparing lunch, I made the video to show her dad because that’s the kind of thing parents do, but I’ve had friends and family saying how cute it is.

“It’s gone a bit viral really. I’ve had friends commenting on it before I even showed them myself.

“She’s got a really funny sense of humour and a strong character. She definitely knows what she wants.

“In the past week, she’s started crawling and you need to have eyes everywhere to keep up with her. She’s into everything.

“Everyone who meets Madeline always comments on how smiley she is.

“She knows her mind and now she’s started crawling, if I sit her down on the carpet, she’ll shout out and crawl away if she’s not happy.

“Her dad thought it was hilarious too and that’s way I posted in online.”