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Incredible footage from British Columbia, Canada, has captured the moment a pod of orcas retreat for the deep seas after an unsuccessful hunt, swimming under a boat in the process.

The footage was captured by Joachim Pierre, 44, a member of the Sechelt Nation, while out on a fishing trip with relatives.


“The killer whale encounter took place in the Salish Sea, around the Halfmoon Bay area,” said Joachim.

“I had my nephew and his young family out on my boat fishing for the day.”

Killer whales under their boat is an experience that the family almost missed as they were just about wrapping up their fishing trip for the day.

“It was close to the days end of fishing when I informed my nephew there was one last spot we could try.”

“When we stopped to drop our lines, it was very interesting that there was a big sea lion that popped up approximately 50 feet away.”

It was only after a pod of orcas made a spectacular appearance that Joachim realized what was happening.

“They showed up directly across the passage from where we were fishing.”


“The sea lion swam the entire rock wall area staying tight to the waters edge – attempting to swim away from the orcas.”

Eventually the orcas changed course and headed back towards deep waters.

“The video of them swimming under the boat started when I realized they switched direction and were headed directly for the boat!”

Joachim and his relatives watched in awe as the pod swam towards the boat, appearing closer and closer every time they surfaced for air.


At the last minute the orcas dove down and swam directly under the boat, giving the family an experience of a lifetime.

“Everything happened so fast I could not process the whole situation until after the fact!”

“People pay big money for the experience to see killer whales, let alone have them swim under your boat and pay such a special visit like they did to us.”

Towards the end of the video Joachim can be heard saying ‘thank you’ as an expression of gratitude for the experience.

“I am a firm believer that situations such as these are a blessing from Mother Nature.”