By Charlotte Nisbet 

A super dad has invented his own guide to having triplets after his wife gave birth to three miracle baby girls.

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Alex Lewis, 34, from Essex, was left dumbfounded when he found out his wife, Charlotte, 32, was expecting not one but three babies.

The couple had struggled to conceive for three years and after forking out £8k for IVF, the pair hoped their baby dream would come true.

But despite being told they were having triplets, doctors warned that they might not all survive.

Charlotte and Alex were given the option to terminate two of their girls, giving the healthiest one the best chance of survival – but they refused.

And on April 6, Annabella Rose and Florence Violet – who were identical twins, and their sister, Lottie Bluebell, were born.

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Alex decided to set up his ‘dad’s guide to living with triplets’ eight weeks ago and since setting up his Instagram page, he now has over 14K followers.

His guide, which is shown in a series of snaps, shows the highs and lows of life with triplets – but most importantly, how parents of multiples can still go out and enjoy themselves.

Dad of four, Alex, said: “Since have the triplets our lives have become a military operation, we have to feed and change all three every four hours.

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“It’s hard work but I wouldn’t change it for the world, we know how incredibly lucky we have been to have had three healthy girls.

“We didn’t want to start buying anything for triplets because we were warned the whole way through that they might not all make it.

“It was terrifying and Charlotte had scans every week to ensure they were all alive.

“I set up an Instagram page dedicated to our life with triplets after they were born and in just a few weeks I already have over 14 thousand followers.

“I’m hoping to give a dad’s guide on triplets by sharing our family pictures every day.

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“We are still managing to have a coffee in Costa every week, visit the sea side, go shopping, go out for dinner as a a family and have even taken the girls to Centre Parcs.

“It has been amazing to show other parents that you don’t have to live at home when you have multiples, trips out are possible.”

The couple, who already have a son called, Henry, were over the moon when their three girls were born healthy at 33 weeks and six days.

Anabella Rose weighed 3lbs 5oz, Florence Violet, weighed 4lbs 7oz and Lottie Bluebell weighed 2lbs 14oz – and after three weeks they were all allowed home.

Alex added: “I was so overwhelmed when they all arrived, it made all the weeks of worry worth it.

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“We never imagined we’d actually be lucky enough to have all three.

“I quickly sold our car for a six seater and we ensured their bedroom was ready.

“We’ve only got a three bedroom house so we’ll need to move once the triplets get bigger.”

Alex, who works in accounts, claims he no longer gets a minute piece – something he documents online.

He added: “I will post images just of me enjoying some ice cream or running with the dog while the girls are asleep.

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“It’s important to show people the highs and lows, having triplets is relentless and Charlotte doesn’t have time to do anything during the day.

“So when I come home from work we are able to swap shifts so she can have some time to herself.

“That’s one of the main messages I like to share, everyone needs their ‘me’ time even if have three newborns.”

Alex and Charlotte haven’t been put off having any more kids in the future and have even planned to have one more.

Alex added: “We opted to have two embryos implanted last year as we wanted to double our chance of it working.

“But we had never imagined one of those would split and form three babies.

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“We have two twins and one non identical baby which is Lottie, she was the smallest.

“Despite now having four kids, we are hoping for another in a few years’ time.”

Alex hopes to continue updating his social media page every day to continue documenting his triplet’s lives.

He said: “It’s so easy to do and I’ve already given so many other people advice.

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“We were lucky to have so many supportive friends and family who have either given away old clothes or high-chairs – which has helped massively with the cost of everything.

“Since having the triplets our weekly shopping bill has rocketed but it’s not as high as most would think.

“We spend £50 on milk, £30 on nappies and as the girls all have colic, we are spending another £50 per week on Gripe water and Colief for them.

“It all adds up but we wouldn’t change anything for the world, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.”