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By Josh Saunders and Luke Kenton

A fashion-loving pampered pooch with over 200 dresses, tutus and other outfits celebrated her birthday with an amazing casino themed party.


Ilene Zeins, from Manhattan in New York, USA, splashes $4,000-a-year (£3,100) on her dog ZZ – the star of New York Fashion Week.

The couture canine with dyed pink ears has a wardrobe bursting with over 200 items, ranging from tuxedos to bathing-suits, hats, jewellery and lingerie.

Ilene’s family thinks she is ‘crazy’ for spoiling her pet so much, but the owner insists she doesn’t care as ZZ ‘likes her look and is a happy, healthy dog’.

Last weekend (June 3rd), the Maltipoo celebrated turning nine-years-old with a casino theme party costing $550 (£420)– with a card game inspired cake, giant poker cards and 30 doggie friends.

Ilene, a realtor, said: “ZZ is a dog fashionista, she wears all the latest fashion trends, from jumpsuits to accessories she’s a very cool pet.


“I want her to be famous, it’s silly but that’s what I love, when I see her pictures online or when people recognise her it gives me a little rush.

“In addition to her outfit is her hair, she has pink ears, so people stop and stare all time, most people think it’s really cute and ask who designed her clothes.

“My family were a little surprised from the get go, they think I spend more money on ZZ’s clothing than on my own clothing and think I’m crazy.

“But I don’t care what people say, I don’t have children and I get a lot of satisfaction out of taking her out in public in some amazing outfits.

“To celebrate her ninth birthday, we had a casino themed party with lots of presents, decorations, dice, cards, photoshoot, a few games and ZZ loved it.

“Everybody loved the theme, it gave many of the guests a chance to create a new look for their pup and now they have something in their wardrobe for another casino event.”


Ilene got into the subculture of dog fashion after attending an event in 2011 and now she admits to spending hundreds on custom-made designer clothing for pet.

Now with more than 200 items in her wardrobe, ZZ even has a more extensive wardrobe than her owner.

Ilene said: “You have to remember anything looks good on ZZ so it’s hard not to buy things for her.

“I don’t have a wardrobe anywhere near hers in quantity, I do focus on her outfits when we attend an event, as for me I’ll wear a little black dress.

“For ZZ, I don’t like anything babyish, I would never put her in a teddy t-shirt or little ice cream print clothing, all of her clothes have to be edgy and trendy.

“She has streetwear, bathing suits, ballgowns, leather jackets, tutus, t-shirts, short dresses, casual dresses, harnesses, sunglasses, hats, fabulous jewellery including clip-on earrings and more.


“Her wardrobe is very diverse, she has about 200 pieces at least with all of her accessories and clothing, she has something for every season and every activity.

Ilene says her pet has led the way in ‘doggie fashion’ with many other pet owners copying her look.

She added: “ZZ was one of the first to wear lingerie  out to events, since then all of the other girl pups did too .

“Recently I had a black tuxedo made for her because I was so sick of ball gowns, I see other dogs copying her fashion sense all the time but that’s ok with me.”

Ilene’s interest attracts a lot of attention and strangers are often amazed by her dog’s fashion sense.


Ilene said: “A lot of people are shocked and love ZZ, but I do have a few negative reactions too, my usual response is ‘What have you never seen a dog in clothes before?’

“I want her to be noticed, she’s the star I’m the manager, ZZ has star quality – by dressing her up and putting her out there, that makes it more apparent to people.

“As long as I’m happy and ZZ’s happy it doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t’ do anything to her that she doesn’t like.

“Overall, she is a well-groomed, well-dressed and accessorised pup that is affectionate, engaging and people are just drawn to her.”

As well as turning heads on the street, ZZ also catches people’s eye on the runway where she models designer clothing, including at New York Fashion Week this year and 2016.


She also participates in charitable fundraising events too.

Ilene said: “She’s done walks for charity on both the east and west coast, she does a lot of runway work, we try to raise money for charity with that, it’s not just frivolous we try to give back.

“When she’s at these events I want her to look good I want her to be a dog celebrity.

“For me, it’s not just dressing up the pup, it’s the grooming, getting her nails done, it’s health care, it’s not just about appearance it’s taking care of her and making sure she’s the best shape.”

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