Video Viral

By Chris Adams

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a vandal calmly set to work keying TWENTY parked cars during a late-night rampage – even circling a £12,000 BMW to ensure he ruined every panel.

Furious dad-of-two Stewart Pearce shared the clips after the unknown yob targeted three cars belonging to his family in a suspected drunken crime spree that he claims left almost two dozen cars damaged.

Stewart’s £12,000 BMW Coupé, £8,000 Volkswagen campervan, and his son’s £6,000 Volkswagen T4 were all heavily scored during the incident in Ramsgate, Kent.

The vandal can be seen nonchalantly scratching several cars in the 4am blitz – at one point circling the BMW to ensure every panel is scraped.

Operations manager Stewart said a whole row of neighbours’ cars were also keyed by the same man.

Stewart, 49, said: “I was absolutely sick to the teeth when I saw what he’d done. I work very hard for my money.

“The campervan in particular is my pride and joy. For some lowlife to come and do this has really wound me up.

“I reckon he’s caused at least £20,000 of damage on our street alone. That’s probably a conservative estimate.

“We’re not far from the main route back from the seafront towards the more residential parts of town so we’re used to the drunks shouting and singing but we’ve never had anything like this.

“The way he goes the whole way around the car is just sick. Then he nearly walks past another car but keys it just for good measure.

“I was lost for words when I watched the footage back. He’s a scumbag, pure and simple. Some people have no respect at all.

“You just think ‘why?’. What has he achieved other than damaging things people have worked hard for?”

The timestamp on Stewart’s CCTV shows the vandal attacked just after 4.20am on Saturday.

The damage was spotted by Stewart’s wife when she went out to walk their dogs around two hours later.

Stewart said: “My wife went out at about 6.30am and she came straight back in and said ‘I think you need to see this’.

“He had done everyone. All up and down the street there were cars with scratches on them.

“I’ve spent thousands bringing that campervan up to scratch and one of my neighbours has a Land Rover that’s been heavily scratched.

“We have the CCTV just for home security so once my neighbour told me roughly what time it happened, I went straight in and checked on ours.

“I rang the police within 10 minutes but other than getting a crime reference number I’ve not heard back from them at all.

“The guy doesn’t look like a stereotypical sort of criminal, he just looks like you or I walking down the street. He’s not a kid either, he should have more sense.

“He’s obviously taken leave of his senses. Nobody I’ve spoken to recognises him. At the moment my priority is just to get the cars fixed but I’m still fuming.”

A spokesperson for Kent Police said: “Kent Police has received four reports of cars being damaged in the Denmark Road and St Luke’s Avenue area of Ramsgate.

“The damage was discovered early on Saturday 3 June 2017 and enquiries to identify the person responsible are ongoing.”