Offbeat Video

By Kim Reader

This is the moment a cocky dad’s attempt to show off to his kids how he once got an ‘A’ grade in trampolining at school backfired – when he bounced over a fence and smashed through his neighbour’s GLASS greenhouse.

Glenn Pennell, 39, was enjoying a family friend’s barbecue when he began feeling nostalgic about his own trampolining achievements after spotting children playing on the toy.


Hilarious footage captures gas engineer Glenn attempting to rekindle his talent with a daring back flip, with the hope of winning applause from onlookers.

Instead, the dad-of-five struggles with the landing, stumbles backwards and tumbles over the garden fence – accompanied by the sound of breaking glass as he goes through the greenhouse.

Ashamed of his epic fail, Glenn even tried to wash out the blood from his clothes in a bid to hide the evidence from his holidaying wife, only to be ‘grassed up’ by his step-son.

Glenn, of Sittingbourne, Kent, said: “We were having a barbecue and our friends and all the kids were there and I decided to get on the trampoline.

“I used to do it all through school and I was pretty good at it so I tried to do this flip. I actually did it but then as I landed I just fell straight off the back of the trampoline.


“I actually fell through the bottom of the greenhouse on the other side. There was a lot of broken glass and I completely wrecked the plants.

“Our neighbour didn’t mind though, he was just concerned about me. I cut the back of my head open, had a bruise on my leg and scratches on my arms.

“I was a bit embarrassed about the video at first but it is funny so I don’t mind people watching it. I have shown myself up.”

The dad was so embarrassed he washed the blood out his clothes in an attempt to ‘hide the evidence’ from his wife Bridget Pennell, 35.

But Glenn couldn’t keep the secret from full-time mum Bridget and was forced to send her the video after Bridget’s youngest son Danny Bygrave, eight, ‘grassed him up’.

Bridget said: “He doesn’t realise how long ago his trampolining days were. At the end of the day, he was just showing off.

“When he sent me the video, I did have a good laugh. It helped that I already knew he was okay.

“But there must have been a lot of blood for him to wash his own clothes. He was trying to hide the evidence.

“Everyone who has seen it has found it hilarious. Glenn didn’t want me to share it with people at first but it was just too funny not to.”

The family friend, who filmed Glenn’s dramatic tumble, Michelle Sharp said she always enjoys watching the dad’s ‘skills’ but this time was more amusing than usual.

Michelle, of Sittingbourne, Kent, said: “He is a very good trampoliner and I enjoy watching his skills but obviously he just didn’t land it this time. It was so funny.

“I was worried at first. One of our other friends said they wished they had filmed me filming Glenn because apparently my face just dropped.

“As soon as we knew he was alright it was fine to have a laugh though. The video has gone down really well with everyone.”