Offbeat Video

By Chris Adams

A football fan on an all-day FA Cup Final bender substituted supping for sleeping by nodding off STANDING UP at a pub urinal – with his manhood still in hand.

Christopher Fitzsimmons was on a bar crawl with around 20 friends in Tamworth, Staffordshire, when his pal Andy Farrington found him snoring in the toilets.

Andy’s hilarious video shows Christopher – known as Kipper to his mates – with his hands still on his manhood and his face pressed against the wall as he dozes off.

The clip was filmed at around 8.30pm on Saturday [May 27], shortly after the group had piled into Andy’s local, The Bulls Head, to watch Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.

Businessman Andy, 54, said: “It was a long day and to be fair I’ve seen Kipper fall asleep in a lot of places.

“This is the first time I’ve found him asleep stood up at a urinal though. I was actually trying to talk to him.

“I walked into the gents not knowing he was there so when I noticed him I tried to strike up a conversation, but all I got back was snoring.

“It was really loud, hence why I got my phone out to record it. I was saying ‘Kipper, Kipper’ but he was a goner.

“We’d been over at my house before, which is just across the road from The Bulls Head, doing Jägerbombs so it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

“We were doing a run of pubs called the ‘A5 crawl’ from about lunchtime and it was a friend’s 30th birthday so everyone was in good spirits.

“We’re all big Tamworth FC fans and we based the day around the FA Cup Final, but by the time it was finished Kipper was starting to struggle.

“Someone thought he might have disappeared when he’d gone to the toilet so I went to check up on him and there he was.

“I thought he was just looking at the wall but no, he was completely asleep. I just left him to it. He says he doesn’t remember it.”

Street cleaner Christopher admitted he does have a habit of falling asleep after one too many beverages.

Christopher, 56, said: “To be honest it’s probably one of the least embarrassing things I’ve done. I do fall asleep a lot.

“I was probably fed up of listening to Andy all day.  I think he bored me to death. I don’t remember much to be honest.

“I can remember up to that point, going into that pub and watching the football, but everything after is a bit of a blur.

“As far as I’m aware I didn’t cause any mess. I was just a bit tired after the Jägerbombs .”