By Sophie Norris

A family have revealed how they have been forced to put a crash mat in the middle of their kitchen for their ‘Houdini’ hamster who keeps plunging from a gap in the ceiling after repeatedly escaping.


Fidget the Syrian hamster has only lived with 11-year-old Seren Palmer, from Wakefield, Yorkshire, for five weeks but has already spent 20 days on the loose after escaping TEN times.

And incredible photos show how the ninja-like creature always chooses to reappear – dropping through a hole in the kitchen ceiling, sliding down the extractor fan and then plunging five feet to the floor.

Mum-of-three Amanda says the family were unable to figure out how he was getting out of the cage and have been forced to splash out on a new, more secure home for him.

Amanda, 42, said: “How Fidget has been able to escape from his cage so many times is a mystery to us all.


“We bought him for my daughter, Seren, and he’s crafty, I’ll give him that.

“In the time that we’ve had him, I’d say he’s escaped about 10 times in just over a month.

“And when he does get out, he’ll be gone for two days at a time.

“He finds his way through the floorboards upstairs and we have no idea how he squeezes through because there’s no visible gaps or holes.

“Then I’ll be in the kitchen cooking dinner and he’ll suddenly wriggle through a tiny hole in the ceiling and slide down the extractor fan on the oven.

“That’s quite a height to fall from for something that small but it doesn’t bother him at all. He just bounces.

“I’ve had to start putting a little cushion under the gap he drops out of so he doesn’t hurt himself.


“He has no fear I think. I’m surprised he’s still alive to be honest.

“Seren is just used to him now and she just says ‘mum, Fidget’s got out again’ then we wait until he reappears in the kitchen.”

Now Fidget has a new,, much-larger home, furnished with a wheel, sand pit, bed and several tubes to play in.

Amanda explained that many hamster cages aren’t practical for the inquisitive creatures and now Fidget has a new home, he hasn’t escaped since.

Amanda, 42, said: “Lots of hamster cage aren’t suitable for them. He just breaks out of them.

“We went into the pet shop to complain about it and they gave us a newer, more suitable version.


“He may only be small but he could actually push the lid off his old cage himself I think – that’s the only way I can think he’d have got out.

“There weren’t any holes where he’d chewed through the plastic or the metal bars.

“He’d keep pushing the lid until it broke open. He’s a cheeky little thing.

“We’ve got a pet dog as well and I think even the dog has just accepted it’s typical Fidget. He just ignores him.

“He’s clever, super cute and very affectionate. He’ll just sit in her hand or pocket happily.”