Animals Video

By Liam Bolland

Watch the moment a cockatoo chases an adorable puppy around the house.

Kathleen Freeman, 26, from Florida, watches her 31-year-old cockatoo, Calypso, play with her three-month-old Australian Shepherd, Ranger, on a daily basis.

The bird hilariously runs around the house to grab the puppy in a playful manner.

Kathleen said: “I was concerned when Calypso started chasing Ranger at the beginning because I didn’t know if they were playing or fighting.

“Ranger also jumps around Calypso so she starts puffing her feathers up, along with raising her crest, to make herself appear bigger.

“Once I saw how Calypso would catch up to him and she would just stand next to him or start preening his ears I realised neither were afraid, or angry.

“I always stay close by and watch, just in case anything does happen.”