Animals Video

By Liam Bolland

A fully grown elephant succesfully fights off a group of rhinos to enjoy a snack.

Suzanne Boswell, 42, a member of Vetpaw (Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife), snapped the footage at the Limpopo province in South Africa.

A group of onlookers witnessed the animals squaring up to eat a bunch of grass during a drought.

The elephant threw dirt, sticks, and even charged at the rhinos before they eventually fled the scene.

Suzanne said: “It was very unusual for rhinos and elephants to fight over food as elephants don’t usually eat grass but it must have been due to the massive drought.

“The elephant was being cheeky, he must have smelled it as he came charging through the trees straight towards the grass on the ground.

“With wildlife you can never predict how animals are going to behave, elephants are the bigger more aggressive animals then rhinos and they usually get what they want.

“All animals could have ended up being seriously injured.”

Vetpaw are a counter poaching, non-profit organisation to protect African species.

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