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vanilla ice

By David Aspinall

This rapping family parodied Vanilla Ice to announce their third child.

Proud dad Rick Weber gathered his whole family including glowing mum Sarah, son Joey, 10, and daughter Adele, three, to deliver their musical message along to “Ice, Ice Baby”.

Sat in their car near home in Homewood, Illinois, USA, the growing brood nod their heads along as Rick sings ‘the Webs are back with a brand-new addition’.

Spitting some sick baby beats, the future dad-of-three raps ‘sleep, now we won’t get none’ after saying he got poo on his hand from a diaper.

Rick said: “We have received nothing but positive feedback from our friends and family.

“Many of them have said this is the best baby announcement they have ever seen.”

Confirming the family are expecting their new baby in Autumn 2017, Rick reveals that they do not yet know the gender.

Rick said: “As a musician, I have always enjoyed creating parody songs.

“Weird Al Yankovic is one of my favourite artists.

“When Sarah told me she wanted to do something fun for our announcement, I immediately began planning.

“I began with songs featuring the word ‘baby’ and soon thought of ‘Ice, Ice Baby’.

“Then I realised this will be our third child, and ‘thrice‘ fit perfectly with the song so I just went along with it.”


“Yo, F-A-M, lets kick it,

“Alright stop, collaborate and listen,

“Webs are back with a brand-new addition,

“Someone is growing in Sarah’s belly,

“To join brother Joey and sister Adele,

“Will it be a boy, yo I don’t know,

“In nine months, we’ll know then fo sho,

“To the extreme, I rock the crib like a mad pro,

“Changing the diapers, got poo on my hand though,

“Bam, cos I’m very excited,

“To have a baby party and everyone’s invited,

“Toys, coming up to my eyeballs,

“Getting in a minivan with some kicking sidewalls,

“Sleep, now you know we won’t get none,

“But that’ll be ok cos the littles ones are mad fun,

“I’m just her to spit what the facts is,

“About to get a better return on our taxes.

Thricethrice baby x 3

“If got a bottle, yo ill warm it,

“Check out how quickly this diaper absorbs it,

Thricethrice baby, two boys, two boys,

Thricethrice baby, two girls, two girls,

Thricethrice baby, this fall, this fall,

“Hey, let’s get out of here,

“Word to the mother.”