By Charles Wade-Palmer

An amazing action shot shows bully boy buzzards snatching honeycomb from a thriving bee colony.

Pic by George Dian Balan/Caters News

George Dian Balan, 36, from Belgium captured the astonishing moment oriental honey buzzards ripped honeycomb from a tree swarming with giant Asian wild bees.

The fine art wildlife photographer and conservationist could not believe his eyes as he watched three birds destroy the bee colony near the World Heritage Kaziranga National park, India.

Proud of his sequence titled the Great Honey Run, George said: “While visiting the second wild beehives location in Kaziranga, three oriental honey buzzards gathered at the big old tree hosting several bee colonies.

Pic by George Dian Balan/Caters News

“After carefully studying the bees’ activity at each colony, they attacked in waves, gripping each time a slice of honeycomb with their talons and dislocating hundreds of bees in the process.

“This is to my best knowledge unprecedented and no one has managed to get such an image, with hundreds of bees dislocated in one single frame!

“This is probably the most spectacular oriental honey buzzard picture ever taken! I could not believe that I was witnessing such a rare moment of natural history.

Pic by George Dian Balan/Caters News

“I did not go for an afternoon safari drive looking for more tigers, rhinos and elephants and I am happy with my decision.

“This picture was taken on my very last day at Kaziranga and I immediately understood that it is unique so I have printed one of them and put it on my wall.”