Video Viral

By Tui Benjamin

A drone captured the heart-stopping moment a fearless slackliner nearly plummeted 100ft into the sea below.

Professional photographer Adriano Leite chanced upon the group of adrenaline junkies balancing 10 stories high in Diamond Bay, Sydney, on Saturday (May 27).

The 38-year-old could not believe his eyes when he witnessed one of the gravity-defying daredevils wobbling along the rope before tumbling off and being saved only by his harness.

Adriano, who lives in Vaucluse, Sydney, said: “I went out to capture some shots for a short movie I’m working on and was quite happy to stumble across these adrenaline junkies high-lining so I took some videos of them.

“When I saw the slackliners I’ll confess I had a ‘holy s***!’ moment knowing how dangerous Diamond Bay is, with all those rocks and massive waves crashing against the cliff.

“I even hesitated in sending the drone around to film them as these guys were insane for sure.

“They were about 30 metres high, the equivalent of 10 storeys. There was at least 10 of them, boys and girls, all seemed happy to have a go at it – it was a beautiful day so they all seemed to be pretty excited about that.

“There was this guy trying some acrobatics and falling over several times relying on the harness to keep him alive. Pretty brave folks I must admit.

“Although it seems to be a bit of a scary pastime, it’s good to see people out and about living life to the fullest instead of spending time in front of their computers.”

Adriano said when he spotted the 10-strong group of male and female slackliners he initially hesitated in continuing filming them in case he witnessed a horror accident.

The snapper watched the group for about 30 minutes before piloting the drone to a different location.

Adriano said his video had been met with a mixed reaction with some praising their adrenaline-fuelled exploits and others criticising them over possible safety risks.

The 38-year-old does not know who the people visible in the video are.

Adriano added: “I have seen people climbing the cliffs in the past, which is damn scary already, but trusting your life to a piece of string over such a dangerous spot made my heart skip a beat!

“These guys seemed to be practising some cool tricks, while defying gravity. It was all safe though since they all had harnesses.

“My upload got a mixed review, with some people excited to see these daredevils whilst others deemed them to be stupid, and pitying their parents.

“But if it makes them feel good and as long as they do it in a safe manner it’s all good.

“As a professional photographer and videographer, I’m very fortunate to capture such moments!”