By Kristiana Hall

Beach goers have been shocked to see the devastating sight of a decaying blue whale that appears to be filled with rubbish.

PIC FROM Greenpeace / Caters News 

However, there is more than meets the eye – and what seems like a gigantic sea creature is in fact an art installation by Greenpeace.

The massive ‘whale‘ has been made to look as if it has washed up on the shores of Sea Side Beach Resort in Naic, Cavite.

Parents and children can be seen looking at the sight in dismay – as they discover what looks like a dead whale that appears to have been choked by plastic.

Its belly is filled with bin bags, plastic containers, plastic bottles and countless other remains.

PIC FROM Greenpeace / Caters News 

The piece of art aims to portray the late stages of decomposition – hoping it raises the issue of plastics polluting the oceans.

Greenpeace also claims it wanted the attention of ASEAN – to force them to address the looming problem of its shores.

A spokesperson from Greenpeace said: “We made a massive art installation depicting a blue whale made of plastic waste.

“The groups gathered to haul off the dead whale, but they noticed that its entire body was made of all the horrible plastics found in the ocean.

“Photos of this morose installation spiralled around social media on the day itself, sparking conversations on plastics pollution.

“Just in the first quarter of 2016, already more than 30 dead sperm whales were found washed up in the shores of Europe, with large amounts of plastic waste in their stomachs.

“The ASEAN region’s contribution to plastic pollution in the oceans cannot be ignored and is already way beyond alarming.

“We are asking the ASEAN membership to take this issue with a sense of urgency and demand that our leaders initiate bold steps to address plastics pollution.”

PIC FROM Greenpeace / Caters News