Amazing Video

BY Ellie Duncombe

Artists really are using anything they can to create beautiful art nowadays.

It would probably be easier to use a lighter – but that’s simply not as fun!

Michael Papadakis, a 30-year-old artist from Colorado, uses the original technique of burning his drawings into wood with a bin lid.

Michael said: “It’s a normal trashcan lid, but I placed a piece of reflective material over it and created a “vacuum” inside which pulls the air out and gives it a “parabolic” shape.

“On average, a piece can take anywhere from one hour to 30 hours depending on the size and detail of the image.

“I use sunlight, both refracted and reflected to make these designs.

“I work as a waiter in the evenings, which leaves my days completely free to work in the sunshine.

“I always bring water and extra goggles with me just in case anything should go wrong.”