By Laura Dale

These animals are squaring-up – but not for a fight.

Pic by Aditya Aryanto / Caters News

Instead, in a fun Photoshop project, they’ve been turned into computer characters.

Tigers, rabbits, and even polar bears have been manipulated to make them appear as though they popped straight out of the popular Minecraft world.

The pictures were created by wedding photography editor Aditya Aryanto from Jakarta, Indonesia.

The 20-year-old said: “I was actually an idea I stumbled across.

“I have been interested in 3D shapes for a long time and then I saw someone doing something similar on Instagram.

Pic by Aditya Aryanto / Caters News

“I thought it would be possible to change an animal’s shape into cubes simply by using Photoshop.

“I tried it and I thought the results were great. It looked unique, so I just kept trying it with many animals.

“My friends also liked the designs, and challenged me to make more.

Pic by Aditya Aryanto / Caters News

“Now I have started turning animals into balls as well as cubes.

“I thought about trying to create Minecraft people too, but we are very different shapes so it’s really hard to make humans uniform.”

More of Aditya’s work can be found at here.

Pic by Aditya Aryanto / Caters News