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frog wedding

Taniya Dutta 

 Desperate villagers in an Indian state hit by droughts organised a wedding ceremony for frogs in a bid to appease rain gods.

The whole village in Udalgiri in Assam in northeast India was decked up and so were the women, draped in their stiff, starched sarees as they brought two frogs together for a union.

The frogs were also dressed up and adorned with traditional colour. The female frog was even gifted a gold chain by the villagers.

The wedding was solemnised by a Hindu priest and a lavish feast was organised for the people who had watched the bizarre wedding ceremony carried out in a bid to invoke rain Gods for heavy shower.

Two groups of women separately bathed the males and female frogs, and then dressed them in clothes and jewellery for the wedding conducted by a Hindu priest.

The frogs were later released into a small pond as villagers then proceeded to eat dinner, where more than 900 plates of food were served.

“We let the frogs go, so that they can live their life and convey our message to the rain Gods.

‘We make sure that the frogs have been brought from two different villages. Only then will the rain Gods accept our plea,’ said one villager.

Thousands of farmers are facing a drought like situation throughout the state as the monsoon rain is eluding to hit the plains of Assam for almost a week. The paddy crop in most parts of the state has been affected.