Animals Video

Hilarious footage from Assam, India, has captured the moment a young elephant decides to block a public road for nearly THIRTY minutes to practice football.

The video was captured by Akshoi Gogoi while on his way back from a road trip with his friends.

“We were coming back from a road trip and saw a lot of people had collected on the road ahead of us,” said Akshoi.

Akshoi decided to investigate what was going on and noticed a herd of elephants up ahead.

“There were a few elephants crossing the road and a lot of people had collected to capture a video of them.”

The football maestro seen in the video then appeared pulling off a silky smooth backheel followed by a few stopovers.

“Suddenly the young elephant appeared and it was playing with the plastic container like a football.”

Commuters were forced to find an alternative route when it became evident that the elephant was just warming up.

“The elephant was playing for nearly 30 minutes. People decided to take a u-turn and find an alternate route.”

The young elephant’s proud mother was patiently waiting nearby during the whole session.

“She was nearby- on the other side of the road eating the leaves of a tree while waiting for her baby,” Akshoi added.