Life Viral

By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a couple’s wish for another baby is granted not only once, but twice, after suffering six heart-breaking miscarriages in three years.

In front of ten of their closest family and friends at home in Madison, Alabama, USA, Derion and Brandon Rubidoux are waiting to reveal the gender of their twin children.

As blue balloons fly from the box marked ‘Baby A’, the couple high-five jubilantly while dancing around, as following the birth of their daughter four years ago, the couple had ‘desperately been wanting a boy’.

Turning their attention to the second box, the couple, who’ve been married since 2013, are almost too nervous to open it as they urge one another ‘not to look’.

As chants for ‘girl, girl’ echo around the room surely enough pink balloons emerge from the decorative box, concluding this fairytale pregnancy with a very happy-ending.

Derion said: “The moment we saw two flickering heartbeats on the computer screen, every emotion hit us at once.

“No amount of tears could fall and no amount of smiles could be had, we were ecstatic beyond all belief and eternally hopeful for the future.

“As we’d already had a daughter, we were hoping for a boy, but when we found out it was twins I suddenly realised I wasn’t done with buying tutus and dresses.

“So, we prayed for both and we couldn’t believe that our prayers were finally answered, after three really difficult years.”

Though the loved-up couple may be looking ahead to becoming parents for the second time, at times the pair were left wondering whether they’d ever be able to conceive again.

Diagnosed with ‘secondary infertility’ after the birth of their first daughter, the couple refused to give up their dreams of having more kids, but unfortunately suffered six miscarriages in three years.

Determined nonetheless, the brave duo gave it one last shot, turning to IVF to increase their chances of conceiving and incredibly, after two unsuccessful rounds of treatment, Derion fell pregnant with twins.

Derion said: “It really was a case of third time lucky.

“I’d be lying if I said there was never a time where my husband and I felt like giving up.

“So, to be here feeling two little miracles kick inside my belly is more than words describe.

“Seeing my daughter and my husband’s eyes light up as the feel the babies’ move inside me has been one of the most magical moments of my life.

“The twins are due on September 3rd, however we still have three more frozen embryos waiting for us, so who knows, maybe this won’t be our last time.”