Amazing Video
border collie

By David Aspinall

This cheeky Border Collie clearly doesn’t know how a dishwasher works as she licks all the plates stacked up in the machine.

Naughty pooch Lava can’t help herself as the dirty dishes are loaded into the trays at owner Sarah Crow’s in-laws’ home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on May 8.

Making sure not to waste any delicious morsel left, the 18-month-old dog slurps her tongue across one red and yellow bowl.

Determined to reach every last bit, Lava then moves her focus to a gravy covered plate in the back, burying her snout in between the crockery.

Sarah said: “Lava likes to sneak around and has tried to lick the plates before in our own house.

“She is a little more spoiled at her grandparents’ house, so they let her lick all the plates šŸ™‚

“She carried on for a few minutes until we told her to stop but she would have gone for a lot longer if we let her.

“Lava is a very goofy dog, so we are often laughing at the things she does.”