Offbeat Video

By Liam Bolland

A man was told to pick up his litter after throwing his banana skin out of his car window.

Istvan Otvos, 34, was driving on May 17th in Hemel Hempstead when he noticed the driver in front throw litter onto the road.

The van driver pulled up next to the litterer in a vicious rage, making him get out of his car and pick up the banana skin.

Istvan said: “I noticed the driver in front of me drop the left over skin of his banana on to the road and I thought that a motorbike could have an accident because of his littering activities.

“I pulled up next to him so that he could learn a lesson about littering.

“When I realised he was ignoring me, I realised I should get out and confront him about picking it up.

“Thankfully he got out of his car and picked up the banana skin, otherwise I would have had to get out of my vehicle to dispose of it safely.”