Video Viral

By Liam Bolland

The shocking moment a car nearly reverses at high speed into a child has been caught on CCTV.

Matthew Gallifant, 44, was watching back footage from April 26th in Crowborough, East Sussex when he came across the incident.

The lorry driver witnessed a woman crossing the road when a black car that appears to have missed a turn, reverses directly into her child.

The woman can be seen attempting to slap the car window as her child moves out of the way in what could have been a serious collision.

Matthew said: “I’m actually driving the lorry in the clip so I was watching the footage back with a few people at work and I was totally shocked.

“The car driver should have been more aware of what was going on behind them but the parent should not have let her child run freely when there is a crossing 100 metres down the road.

“Thankfully it doesn’t look like the child was hurt but it could have been serious.”