Offbeat Video

By Charles Wade-Palmer

A careless driver dangerously crossed lanes in front of oncoming traffic and caused mayhem as he unloaded his car.

Shocking dashcam footage shows the motorist, who looks to have been in no hurry whatsoever, causing a 20 car tailback.

He blocked a busy road just to pop into a shop for two minutes.

Car horns were blaring along Wimbledon Park Road in Southfields, South London after a motorist held up rush hour traffic to empty his boot.

The owner of the footage, who did not wish to be named, said: “The man recklessly parked his car on the wrong side of the road blocking people coming in the other direction.

“I’ve never seen anyone have such disregard for others on the road.

“In a busy hour like this he chose to take his goods out from the back of his car, did what he wanted to do and perhaps a minute or two later sat back in his car and left showing no remorse.

“Initially there was only one car he cut up but while his car was parked there I think there were at least 20 cars in the queue and God knows how many more were behind them.

“How anyone thinks this is acceptable I don’t know, you can even hear all the beeps from the blocked up traffic. I didn’t see him apologise once.”