This heron proved he was more heavyweight than featherweight after beating his opponent by pulling the hair from his head.

The two birds are pictured getting into a fight at the Fernhill Wetlands in Oregon, USA.

Pic by Claire Peterson/Caters News

The duo get into several sticky positions before one heron finally has enough and grabs the feathers on the head of his rival.

The bird in the water appears to yelp in agony, pulling a funny expression, as he is dragged from the water by his hair.

Vet, Claire Peterson, was on hand to capture the hilarious moment.

The 32-year-old said: “I was out birding after work to get some fresh air. I stopped to say hello to a passerby who was looking at a blue heron fishing nearby.

“As we watched, a second heron flew in. Both birds were about 10 feet from each other and were posturing quite a bit.

Pic by Claire Peterson/Caters News

“I wasn’t sure if they were going to be romantic or have an argument. It turned out to be an argument about the fishing spot, the bird above in the photo was the obvious winner – pulling the top knot of feathers off the heron in the water.

“The symmetry of the image and the expression on the face of the heron in the water are just perfect.

“It’s beautiful and comical, all at the same time and as with all great photos, I was incredibly lucky.

Pic by Claire Peterson/Caters News

“I was greatly enjoying the drama of the moment, I didn’t see the comedy until I looked back through the pictures.

“I felt honoured to see two wild animals showing such natural and dramatic behaviour despite my nearby presence.

“I laughed out loud when I saw the expression on the lower heron’s face. No one likes getting their hair pulled.”