Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

It’s a battle for the branches as two cute koalas jostle it out for a spot on their favourite branch.

The pair of joeys are peacefully perched on a tree in the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, in Pearcedale, Australia, indulging in a playful cuddle with one another while munching on leaves.

One of the koalas then places its paw on the back of his companion, but this adorable embrace soon turns into a fearsome headlock, with the mad marsupial attempting to manoeuvre his companion off his perch by the scruff of its neck.

Hanging on desperately, the duped joey’s cries for help are to no avail, as his former friend looks on mercilessly before the pair distance themselves from one another, sulking opposite ends of the branch.


Daron Harris, from Alabama, USA, said: “It was hilarious, especially the sulking and moping after the scuffle.

“It just goes to show, animals aren’t that different from us after all.

“Koalas are usually very low energy animals, so it’s rare to see them actually fight is pretty rare.

“We stayed for about 15 minutes after and luckily they were back sitting next to each other again by the end.

“Whatever they were fighting over, I think they managed to sort it out.”