Animals Video

By David Aspinall 

This needy pooch really got up close and personal with his owner while following her for attention.

Begging for cuddles, Loki follows so near to owner Sam Smelt walks around their living room in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, that he has his nose next to her bum.

In an attempt to shake the three-year-old pup off, Sam turns but her beloved pet continues to keep close.

Even when his owner stops, Loki continues to follow before hilariously putting his head through the back of her legs.

Owner Brandon Smelt said: “Loki never leaves Sam alone.

“He always has to lay on someone and get 24/7 attention.

“He carried on for a good 3 minutes until she sat down where he proceeded to rest his head on her leg begging for attention.

“Loki loves attention and whenever a friend visits he’s always all over them.

“If you are in the house then the only way to keep him away is to block him off from getting to you.

“We’re just the lucky ones to get a dog with an amazing personality.

“When humans don’t give him attention then he will look for it from any animal that’s nearby.”