By David Aspinall

This is the adorable moment a toddler falls fast asleep during his very first haircut.

As carefree Christian Montes sat in a booster seat in a Coral Springs, Florida, USA, hairdressers, showed no sign of the usual nerves shown by children before their first snip.

With fingers placed firmly in his mouth, the chilled out two-year-old ignored the scissors chipping away at his untrimmed locks mere millimetres from his eyes.

Having unsuccessfully fought off slumber, Christian finally drifts off to sleep as the hairdresser runs her fingers through his hair and mum Nisely surveys his barnet.

Uncle Gerson said: “It was Christian’s first haircut and Nisely made sure he was sleepy before they went.

“Usually before he naps she’ll run her fingers through his hair and this must have been the same sensation.

“It worked a treat as he fell asleep really quickly.”