Video Viral

By Ben Walley

A little newborn who giggles whenever he sleeps has had his parents in hysterics.

At just three weeks old, Bjorn Edric Villafuerte is seeing only the funny side of life- even when he is fast asleep.

Dad, Erick Christian Villafuerte, 29 a content analyst and 24-year-old Mum, Maricar Villafuerte, a chef have started filming their son’s happy slumbers.

Erick, who lives with his wife and son in Quezon City, The Philippines, said: “He giggles a lot in his sleep and always when you least expect it but not when he’s awake.

“My kid’s only three weeks old so he still doesn’t see anything beyond black and white

“We don’t do anything special at all but I did talk to him and sing a lot when he was still inside his Mum’s tummy- we don’t know if those have something to do with his giggling.

“He’s very well behaved and only cries when he is hungry but along with laughter, he also burps and farts a lot.

“I’m not sure whether it’s unusual or not for a baby to giggle in his sleep but it was certainly my first time to actually see a baby giggling like he did.

“He also kicks and punches a lot and loves to stretch in his sleep which makes his colour change from white to red.”