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By Charlotte Nisbet

An adorable premature baby has celebrated her first birthday after being born weighing just 700 grams.

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Tiny Robyn Farina, from Bristol, was born weighing just 700 grams when her mum, Lucy Hosking, 25, went into labour 15 weeks early last March.

Heartbroken Lucy and her partner, James, 29, prepared themselves for the worst after doctor warned she might not survive the birth.

Thankfully Robyn started breathing on her own and despite her hands being the same size as her parent’s fingernails, she kept fighting.

And after 95 days in hospital, Robyn was finally allowed home with her family.

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Now, 12 months later, Robyn has celebrated her first birthday and is hitting all her milestones.

Lucy, a receptionist, said: “I was devastated when I went started to get labour pains at almost 25 weeks pregnant.

“All my scans were normal but after rushing to hospital, I was told I was already a few centimetres dilated.

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“Me and James were both so scared, there was no way I thought our baby could survive being born so early.

“We had already bought so many baby clothes and the thought of losing our baby was too much to bare.

“After giving birth to Robyn naturally, we were told we we’d had a baby girl and that she was breathing on her own.

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“We barely got to even see her before she was whisked off to the neonatal unit but we were so relieved she was alive.

“I couldn’t believe how small she was, her hand was the size of my fingernail and she weighed just 700 grams.

“We fell in love with her straight away and apart from being premature, she was absolutely perfect.

“After 95 days of watching our baby grow, she was finally allowed home and we haven’t looked back since.

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“It was her first birthday last week and we couldn’t have been more proud of how far she’s come.”

Lucy was told by doctors that her premature birth was due to an infection she’d caught in her womb.

She added: “My pregnancy was completely normal apart from having high blood pressure.

“Doctors don’t know how I’d caught an infection in my womb but I have been told it’s common cause for most premature births.

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“I was so relieved when Robyn came out breathing, we both thought we’d lost her when I went in labour.

“It’s a miracle that something so tiny can survive on their own.”

James and Lucy were over the moon when they could finally take their baby girl, Robyn, home after 95 days in hospital.

James, a bar manager, said: “She went from strength to strength as soon as she was born.

“One of her heart valves was open which is common in premature babies and after some medication, it closed without any need for surgery.

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“She’s our little fighter and since getting her home, we’ve enjoyed every second with her.

“Robyn’s first birthday was made even more special by the fact we could have lost her.

“It was an emotional day and she was spoilt by everyone.

“We had lots of balloons and all our friends and family came over for a mini party.”

Lucy and James hope their story will helps any other parents going through something similar.

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She added: “At first we were both convinced Robyn was going to die when I started to get pains at 24 weeks and five days.

“But I hope our story demonstrates that even though they’re tiny, they’re little fighters and their chances of survival can be high.

“Robyn is our little miracle and looking at her now, you’d never know she was born so early.”

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