Offbeat Video

By Jos Weale

This is the moment a mum realised her eight-month-old baby could be a ‘future paramedic’– when she demonstrated CPR on a practice dummy with ‘almost perfect’ technique.

Adorable footage shows tiny Sophie Taylor, from South Shields, South Tyneside, taking big, deep breaths before pinching the demo dummy’s nose to deliver the kiss of life.


Parents at the Daisy First Aid class, which took place on Sunday (May 7), can be heard giggling and exclaiming in awe while Sophie carefully performs the life-saving technique.

And proud mum Helen Buchanan, 40, says she was overwhelmed by her ‘amazing’ baby girl’s skills.

Helen, also mum to son Matthew Buchanan, 16, said: “She just crawled forward and got to the nearest dummy and had obviously taken in everything while we had been doing it ourselves.

“She’s amazing, she just did it of her own accord and in the video she can see how well she is doing it.

“She’s even pinching the nose closed while she’s doing it and she held back in between the breaths.

“She carried on doing the breaths a few more times after the video stopped too.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before, I’m well impressed. She’s very clever.”


The PA, who is currently on maternity leave, says she was helpless with laughter at little Sophie’s dummy demo, along with the other seven parents present at the first aid session.

And Helen’s husband, Sophie’s dad 38-year-old automobile company technician Colin Taylor can also be seen in the footage, looking on and chuckling at his daughter’s actions.

Helen said: “Everyone in the group was falling about laughing.

“I’ve been showing the video to everyone I see.

“We were saying she could well be a future paramedic. I think she could be one.

“Of course, she could be whatever she wants to be. In my work I’m quite creative, so it would be nice if she had a bit of that as well.”

Helen and Colin’s parent and baby group, consisting of eight mums and dads and four babies, had booked a baby first aid session, led by Jill Santonastaso, to learn more about how to be prepared for emergencies.


And session leader Jill, from Daisy First Aid, says she was also stunned at Sophie’s resuscitation technique – and just had to capture it on film.

Jill, 36, from Newcastle, said: “We’d practised CPR and I’d just moved on to talking about head injuries when all of a sudden Sophie started to do it.

“And the technique was almost perfect. Everyone was just in awe.

“The only thing she was missing was having the airway a bit more open.

“I just had to get a video so asked Helen if I could film Sophie doing it.

“When I’ve done sessions I’ve seen young children giving it a go – but not at eight months.

“She’s part of the next generation of life savers.


“It’s important to make first aid normal from a young age. It shouldn’t be a privilege, knowing first aid should be as familiar as going to the hairdressers or the dentist.”

And Helen says that the whole family now feel much more confident when it comes to first aid skills.

Helen said: “I feel so much better about first aid now. If you’re a parent with a young child it can be worrying if you feel you don’t know what to do if something happens.

“But thanks to the class we’re all much more prepared now.”