This image shows the moment a Gazelle protected its young baby from a hungry baboon and the two went head to head.

Pic from Caters News Agency

The photo, taken by Nelis Wolmarans, catches the primate in a Kung-Fu style pose as he launches himself towards the Gazelle during the fight near the Musiara Marsh in Kenya.

Photographer, Nelis, said: “We were a couple of hours into our afternoon drive close to the Musiara Marsh area when the silence was shattered by the over-excited barking and screaming of baboons.

Pic from Caters News Agency

“We quickly travelled in the direction that the disturbance was resonating from and came across two male baboons taunting and chasing a Grants gazelle ewe and her very young lamb.

“The baboons were focused on separating the ewe from her lamb and were quite obviously hunting the youngster.

Pic from Caters News Agency

“The mother Gazelle managed to wound one of the large baboons but as her focus was on him, his partner rushed in and grabbed the lamb.”

Nelis added: “Being out in nature forces one to bear witness to often brutal kills and this was no exception.

“Baboons are omnivorous and will often target the young of various antelope during the suckling period as they are after the milky stomach contents of the lambs.”