This creepy ‘Alien Butt Spider’ looks like something from another planet.

Pic by Robert Whyte/Caters News

The vibrant bright green arachnid has the face of an alien on it’s back – complete with bulging eyes to scare away predators.

The scary-looking insect is a type of orb-weaver but is more commonly known as an ‘Alien Butt Spider’.

Pic by Robert Whyte/Caters News

Photographer, Robert Whyte, snapped the creepy spider at Bob Cassimaty Park in Brisbane, Australia although the creature would look more at home in new movie Alien: Covenant which is out on Friday (May 12).

The 61-year-old from Australia said: “As I was photographing a rainforest plant, I saw an orb web glinting green and gold in the morning sun.

Pic by Robert Whyte/Caters News

“I knew there would be a spider nearby in a retreat in a curled leaf, because these orb weaver spiders occupy the web at night but stay in their silken retreat during the day.

“I have been searching for this spider since I first photographed it in October 2011.

Pic by Robert Whyte/Caters News

“I gently coaxed her out of her retreat onto a leaf and she remained perfectly still while I took heaps of photos.

“When I finished taking photos I let her crawl back into her retreat and made sure she was happy.

Pic by Robert Whyte/Caters News

“These spiders are harmless and beneficial for the environment.

“It makes me laugh how I can’t look at this spider without seeing an alien on its butt. I wondered where the space ship was.”