Offbeat Video
trick shots

By Ben Walley

This is a compilation of not only a man’s incredible trick shots – but also his amazing football skills.

Liam Coyte, 31, from Essex, can be seen making some nearly impossible shots with his football – and he does it with ease!

He can be seen kicking his football from what looks like the most complicated angle, and hitting his far away targets each and every time.

Liam, who works as a green keeper, clearly swerves the ball mid-air like your average football star.

Viewers mustn’t keep their eyes off him for a second – this man’s got some true skills!

Liam said: “I’ve always liked to play football from a young age, but I feel with trick shots it’s something you do really need to practice.

“I saw a lot of these types of videos online, they gave me a small amount of idea but I felt I could come up with better shots myself.

“I always love a challenge, my favourite type of shot is a moving target!”