Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment an affectionate Bulldog weighing 90LBS sits on his owner’s heads even knocking off his glasses.

Showing a complete lack of understanding for personal space, hefty pooch Thomas clambers up the back of the sofa at owner Kevin Jean’s home in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

Ignoring the fact his other owner Lawrence Kibodeaux is sat there, the two-year-old mutt climbs over his head knocking his specs clean off his nose.

Finally, Thomas gets comfortable and rests his paw on Lawrence’s head clearly with no intention of moving anywhere quickly.

Lawrence said: “Thomas has always felt comfortable sitting on us like we are his personal throne.


“He has no concept of his size and it sure as hell can be uncomfortable when he decides to jump on your lap and lands all 90 pounds on your crotch.

“He loves sitting on the arms of the sofa and if we happen to be next to it when he wants to perch there, he will use our shoulders or head as an extension of the furniture.”

Despite already weighing well over six stone, Thomas is likely to gain another 30lbs according to his breeder.

Lawrence said: “Anytime he invades our personal space like this you can always hear, ‘ow Thomas that’s my damn nuts’, ‘damn little monster’ or ‘go jump on your damn papa or daddy like that’.

“He just likes being close to his humans and it’s also a part of his breeds instinct.”